General trading

As for the trading business, we possess cutting-edge fleet of vehicles and transporters, they both work in harmony to transport tons of cargos across the world with very high degree of proficiency, We own an enormous network that facilitates commodities trading across the world, and we follow time tested procedures in order for us to meet our deadlines with the required specifications.

Also we work in compliance with global laws that regulate transportation, stevedoring and trading in general. Besides, our financial policy keeps us on track with competitive prices, as we embrace strict and discipline financial practices, our trading services include but are not limited to:

  • Oil and oil refined products
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Animal feed
  • Food and beverages

Oil and oil refined products

We offer both transportation and trading of oil products across the world through a very professional procedures that we follow, and in a very smooth way, as we provide extensive solutions of whatever is needed in the whole process at any point.

We provide a very efficient business protocol based on serious relationships and well established trading platform,

Supply chain and inventory management

HG Group does its best to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid any operational gaps through our 24/7 call center, and our inventory management system follows world-class standards to guarantee continuous real time follow up.

Animal feed

We strongly believe in high quality animal feed as a reason for both animals and humans sakes, it strongly affects humans’ health, so HG Group supplies wide range animal feed that that suits local and international markets, we work on special ingredients and customized formulae to meet our customers’ expectations. In addition that we specialize in organic dairy and sheep feed pellets, and all our products are certified and approved by FDA.

Food and beverages

HG Group supplies fresh vegetables from different countries, chicken, eggs and wide range of nutritive commodities.