Quality policy

We completely understand that disregarding quality standards in industrial or construction projects can threaten people’s safety, maybe their lives, so we care very much about quality issues in order to protect individuals safety in the first place and also to deliver high quality work that adds to company’s reputation.

We are committed to implement all of our works in compliance with international quality standards and legal codes and make sure they meet technical and mechanical specifications without compromising delivery time. The company is qualified to combine both quality and speed thanks to its workers skills and expertise that make them work with optimum accuracy-to-speed ratio, in a way that doesn’t let one of them retard the other one, they both are important.

All technicians in the company are totally aware of the importance of quality and meeting quality standards, and they know how to meet them using their experience they gained from working on various projects, it keeps them from work disruption, delay or without careful inspection. Regarding quality management system, it works very accurately and professionally, and it has multiple levels that check, audit and inspect all parts of the project to guarantee meeting quality standards.